When demographers play the Game of Thrones
When demographers play the Game of Thrones
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This map was made on QGis: you will have guessed it, we have little control over it.

For having had the chance to visit Westeros, we can tell you that it is a fabulous place. If we were tour operators, we would certainly tell you about the magnificent snow-covered forests of the North! They have nothing to envy to the Scandinavian landscapes. If you are chilly and allergic to wolves, we would certainly recommend the beautiful sandy and sunny beaches of Dorne. As for cultural (... or sexual) tourism, we will be able to direct you to King's Landing.

Congratulations, you have just signed an exorbitant quote for a full board stay. Unfortunately for you, you didn't read the small asterisk written in 0.25 font at the bottom of the page... "Demography Airline will not be held liable in the event of the violent death of one of its customers".

To avoid choosing a destination that is too risky, here is a map showing the location of deaths. In other words, it is better to avoid the capital where epidemics are legion (as well as political assassinations). 29 characters died in King's Landing! Ski lovers will know that 72 characters died north of Winterfell.

To return from your trip safe and sound, prefer the peaceful city of highgarden! Gardeners grow beautiful roses here.