When demographers play the Game of Thrones
When demographers play the Game of Thrones
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Who are we? Who are we?

The goal is not to start an hagiography"a very admiring book about someone or a description of someone that represents the person as perfect or much better than they really are, or the activity of writing about someone in this way" Cambridge Dictionary. Even if we are two brilliant persons with unusual backgrounds and triumphs.

Having given this precision, this article has only one purpose: to give you the factual elements that will allow you to understand why and how we got completely caught up in our subject of study. Because we didn't study Game of Thrones. We have allowed ourselves to be transferred in a parallel universe.
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Left: Romane Beaufort. Right: Lucas Melissent. In the middle the superb promotion of the Master 2 2017/2018 IDUPInstitute of Demography of the University of Paris 1

Romane has always liked numbers. Therefore she started with an high school diploma in science. She loves it so much that she decides to enroll in a mathematics degree. But that was not to mention her literary skills, she already been expressed for some time: she loves foxes, painting, filmphotography and does not eat meat. So it came to a Bachelor of Applied Mathematics in Social Sciences at the Univerity of Lyon 1 for its first year and then at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne.
Unfortunately she missed applications. She therefore chose a demographic1 option. No more mathematical applications called "social sciences" (money and insurance!), following her way through for demography"the study of changes in the number of births, marriages, deaths, etc. in a particular area during a period of time" Cambridge Dictionary: a wonderful and infinite world that really combines, as she hoped, mathematics and social sciences.
Born in Nice, little Lucas dreams of being a miller or dog breeder. But for his family, he must become a doctor. Without much conviction, he does a high school diploma in science. It meant great pain for him. Disgusted by "formal" sciences, he rushes to the capital to obtain a double degree in history and political science. He discovers sociology and loves it. He carries out investigation, almost all more or less related to so-called popular culture [SourcePasquier, D. (2005). « La « culture populaire » à l'épreuve des débats sociologiques ». Hermès. In: La Revue, 42,(2), 60-69. [Online]: https://www.cairn.info/revue-hermes-la-revue-2005-2-page-60.htm]. But after swearing he would never do mathematics again, he enrolled in a quantitative history course... and began to love statistics. He therefore starts looking for a course that would allow him to combine his taste for ground sociology and for statistical analysis. Demographics is quickly emerging as the most attractive prospect.
During her Master's degree in demography at IDUP, she rediscovered the human and social sciences. She liked it: it's recreational. But her real interests and what she excels at is the SAS language. In the Master of Demography at IDUP, he flourishes when a sociological or historical reflection is requested. He is clearly less interested in computer and quantitative tools.
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She worked as a student at the Ministry of Higher Education. Her mission? Develop a tool to predict retirements. How? Thanks to micro-simulation and logistic regressions... What are the characteristics that make an individual more or less likely to retire?
Do you see the connection to our mortality study?
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He dworked as a sudent at the Lyon City Hall. His mission? Conduct statistical and cartographic analyses to assist in decision-making. How? In particular, by trying to anticipate population growth and its effects on equipment needs. Where should classes be opened next fall?
There, don't look for any connection to this study !
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Today, she works at the
CNAVCaisse Nationale d'Assurance Vieillesse. What’s that? It is the general regime: we are the ones who manage the pensions of private employees! as she elt love s first sight for micro-simulation. With a team of dynamic statisticians (and Game of Thrones fans), she makes retirement predictions.In the model she is working on, there are many logistic regressions. So much that nobody at the CNAV knows exactly how many there are.
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Today, he works at the General Directorate of the National Gendarmerie. Amazing, isn't it? He surprises himself. But what do you want... He always liked whistling the Marseillaise. More seriously, Lucas makes staff projections, produces statistics and various studies. And he likes it.
Her relationship to the series...
Romane discovered the world of series late. Coming from a family where film evenings were a ritual, her first serie, LostLost, stood as a family discovery that will remain exceptional for a long time. After 10 years spent on a desert island (i.e. without series), she discovers with ssion the Breaking BadBreaking Bad series, together with her mother and brother. It is only very recently and with her boyfriend, that she renewed with the genre by watching Game of Thrones then The Handmaid's TailHandmail, Stranger ThingsStrangers, Mr. RobotRobot, WestworldErreur... In short, today, the series are at her side on a daily basis.
Her relationship to the series...
Lucas watches a lot of series. He even thought about consulting an addictologist. However, he didn't have time, the new season of The Handmaid's Tale is out...
Among his favourites:
HannibalHannibal (because Mads MikkelsenMads is not nothing), The KnickErreur (for the drugged genius: certainly an ancestor of Docteur HouseHouse), A Young Doctor's NotebookNotebook (because Daniel RadcliffeErreur plays it well which is not always the case) and The LeftoversLeftovers (a little-known nugget).
And so many others!
Son guilty pleasure : being an unbearable cyclist for pedestrians. Son guilty pleasure: The Angels of Reality TV.
Img Drogon Img Lyanna
Her favorite character in Game of Thrones: :
DrogonPhoto du personnage
chance of death
. For epic scenes, even though she resents him for stealing the spotlight from RhaegalPhoto du personnage
chance of death
and ViserionPhoto du personnage
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(would the latter start his revenge?).
His favorite character in Game of Thrones:
Lyanna MormontPhoto du personnage
chance of death
. Cousine of Jorah MormontPhoto du personnage
chance of death
, granddaughter of Jeor MormontPhoto du personnage
chance of death
. Just for that, she's the only real queen of the North. At the age of ten, she was at the head of a matriarchy: a feminist and generational ideal.
Photo Gérald Photo Melissandre
The character she would like to be: GéraldPhoto du personnage
chance of death
. For her super fleeting power of fugacity that she envies him. Lightning character par excellence, he is to the series what "Charlie" is to the comic strip: discretion made man. Romane and her boyfriend spent long minutes looking for him in the episode where he is making his appearance. He then appeared again on the battlefield before disappearing forever. Forever? No one knows what Gérald is capable of for the final season.
The character he would like to be: MelisandrePhoto du personnage
chance of death
. Calm own: being 401 years old and always as bright as a button is quite nice. Lucas would spend his time wandering around and learning everything and anything. Not to preach, just so we're clear. More seriously, Melisandre knows what she has to do. And that must be reassuring. Lucas is constantly in doubt: continue studying, start working, travel?
Photo Bran louche Photo la plus courte des...
The character she is according to Lucas: Bran StarkPhoto du personnage
chance of death

Bran. She knows everything. She understands everything. She sees everything there is to see in a database. Well, it's true that when she tries to verbalize what she has in mind, it's not always easy to follow her. What is natural for her is not natural for the average person.
She is as clumsy as Bran when it comes to expressing herself: "It was really a beautiful night, the snow was falling, like now. And you were beautiful, in your white wedding dress." (episode 703). But in the end, we love him for that too. Bran can count on his loved ones who are ready to accompany him to the north to follow a three-eyed crow. And quite honestly, if tomorrow Romane tells me to go to Dunkirk with him at the risk of my life, I would accept. Because she must know something that we don't know and we trust her blindly.
Le personnage qu'il est selon Romane: Ned StarkPhoto du personnage
chance of death

He is described by Fandom as "disciplined, powerful and endowed with a sense of honour and justice". Just like Lucas. Finally, let us pass the term "powerful" and let his conquests talk about it. Otherwise, he too is disciplined and endowed with a sense of honour and justice: he does not support the Calibri police because he is faithful to life and death at the Times New Roman. How many times did Lucas use each sentence from the university files to criticize its spelling or syntax? Fandom adds, however (about Ned Stark of course, because Lucas doesn't have his page yet) "But underneath this apparent hardness, there is a loving husband and father.". Indeed, Lucas' disarming sincerity can wreak havoc (especially on sentient beings such as Romane) but is above all an opportunity for enormous learning. It is the pro of the formulation and the announcement effect. It is to demographics what BoobaPhoto du personnage
chance of death
is to rap: an ardent defender of Molière's language.
Fun fact: She watched Game of Thrones in one month. That's why she confuses Jorah with Jeor Mormont, SandorPhoto du personnage
chance of death
with GregorPhoto du personnage
chance of death
Clegane. Don't blame her, his thing is math, we tell you.
Fun fact: At the time of writing this article, Lucas had watched 5643 episodes of 239 different series. That is a total of 4 months and 9 hours watching series (1.4% of the time he spent on earth)! [Last update: 02/02/2019]

Two very different profiles to carry out this study: the statistician and the sociologist will tell you about Song of Ice and Fire.